Softh Tech

Fabrication : 100% Micro Polyester
Function: The fabric pattern may be the same. But the weaving process adds extra detail.
Therefore made Soft Tech fabrics, or known by many people as Khaosan Maid Cloth It is extraordinarily soft, weightless, not too thick or too thin. Sweat-absorbent and breathable, and with the texture or woven pattern on the Mini Bird’s Eye fabric, the fabric looks beautiful when worn.

Dot Mesh

Fabrication : 100% Micro Polyester
Function : Soft fabric, does not wrinkle, does not sag,
has excellent ventilation. Soft and smooth skin add features
More flexibility and comfort

Micro Pure Skin

Fabrication : 100% Micro Polyester
Function : Sport fabric with smooth surface, standard pattern, without any texture or pattern on 100% Micro Polyester fabric, maintains classic style. Simplicity of long-established sports fabrics. And the use of 100% genuine Micro Polyester yarn makes the fabric maintain the softness and smoothness of the micro yarn, suitable for wearing. for exercise and can be worn in a variety of sports (If used in color printing patterns will make a pattern or small text printed on the fabric can be seen clearly, beautiful

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